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Complete Power Delivery Solutions for FPGAs

Increased data processing and storage demands are driving innovation in computing applications. Intersil’s comprehensive portfolio of digital power management, voltage regulators, sequencers and supervisors along with precision voltage references offer best-in-class solutions.

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About Intersil FPGA Power Solutions

Design Tools & Solutions

We have taken the guess work out of designing your power management stage with reference design examples tailored to different usage models including:

  • Solutions for latest generation and legacy FPGAs.
  • Design recommendations based on your Power Estimator results.
  • Low, medium, high power consumption based on your logic utilization and switching frequencies.
  • Cost optimized solution using discrete components.
  • Small and easy to design using analog and digital modules.
  • Full featured power system monitoring and control via digital controllers.
  • 24-60V backplane support with 12V and 5V intermediary backplanes.


The PowerCompass™ tool helps you start your design in the right direction, giving you tools to find Intersil parts that match your requirements, set up multiple rails if needed, perform high-level system analysis and generate reference design files.

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